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A Letter to Ruari.

March 16, 2014
Baptism Day for Ruari

Dear Ruari,

It is a blessing to have been invited by your Mom and Dad, to write this letter, just as you have been a blessing to your parents, and your brother since the day your were born. You are also a blessing to us, the ones who are here on this day you are baptised. We will help you re-member. A long time ago there was a man named Paul. He said that Christians are like a body – some are like hands, some are like feet, some are like elbows, some are like knees and others are like all the other parts of our bodies. Like a body, we all have to work together to walk, to work, to think, to do, to live as followers of Jesus. Paul said that for a body to walk it can’t have only elbows – every part is important, every part needs to work together to be a body – and if one part of the body needs some help, there are others there to lend a hand, or a foot, or a shoulder or a toe.

And that’s what it means to re-member. You see, we are members of the body of Christ. You are a member of the body of Christ. So “re-member” means that we keep putting that body back together. Not that it has fallen apart, but like staying healthy, we need to keep in shape, we need to re-member. And that’s what happened to day. In your baptism, we re-member who we are as the body of Christ.

Re-member means something else as well. It means to bring to mind again. You probably won’t remember this day but your parents and your brother Tollef will and all the people who are blessed by being here this day will remember too, and they will help you remember.

There’s something we do as Christians – as members of the body of Christ – there’s something we do from time to time. We take the water from this same font where you were baptised, and we sprinkle the water – the water that came down – the water that washed over you, the water that blessed you – we sprinkle the water around and on our bodies and say “remember your baptism” and be thankful. And that reminds us who and whose we are.

All these people, and many others whom you will meet in your life, will re-mind, re-heart and re-member this day for you. Re-mind – bring to mind again (the head part), re-heart (it’s a word I made up) – bring to heart again (the heart part) and re-member (you already know about that one).

Did I mention what a blessing you are? That’s what you are, but what is a blessing? It’s a gift from God. That’s what you are! And when we are given a gift, we are taught to say thanks. So let us say thanks to God for you. THANKS GOD for RUARI!

There’s one more thing I want to say, it starts today, but it continues tomorrow and all the other days after that. You Dad and your Mom made some promises today – they are special promises and the people here today also made some special promises. They are so special that they have a special name. They are called a covenant. A covenant is a promise made to God and a promise made by God.

Your Mommy Cherie and your Daddy, Kirk made a covenant with God that they would make sure you know about God by being with God’s people – that’s us – and many, many others, by hearing the story of God’s people – that’s the Bible and all the other stories that get added when people hear and follow the story, and by giving you a chance to be a part of the story – to be among God’s people too! Re-Member. Be a part of the body.

That was their promise and our promise, but God makes a promise too – to care for you, to love you, to forgive you, to be with you in all times and places, to lift you up when you are down, to celebrate with you – on days like today, and to help you be a follower of Jesus.

So, welcome Ruari! We are so glad to have you around. You are a blessing. Thank you God for Ruari. Thank you God, that Ruari has blessed us and that you, God have blessed us.

We will help you re-member and we hope that you will help us re-member as you grow in size, in knowledge, in faith, in love.

Re-mind, re-heart, re-member.

Your friend,